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Thomas Sturgeon

(August 7, 1731 About 1813)


Margaret Corbett

(May 1735 September 28, 1818)







 Thomas Sturgeon, Jr.



Thomas Sturgeon[1] was born on August 7, 1731 in Donegal Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Lancaster County was formed only two years earlier.  His future wife, Margaret Corbett was born five years later in May 1735.  They married in Paxtang Township in Lancaster County (later Dauphin County), Colony of Pennsylvania on July 16, 1750.


Thomas and Margaret lived in this region of Pennsylvania at a time of some local upheaval.  History books tell us that the Irish settlers were involved in a number of local disturbances.  Consequently, the Governor of the colony of Pennsylvania gave orders that his agents could not sell any more land in Donegal Township and two other predominately Irish townships to the Irish.  Later, when Cumberland County was separated from the western part of Lancaster County in 1750, he made advantageous offers for them to move to those new counties.


Thomas and Margaret had fourteen children, all of them born in Paxtang Township, Dauphin County,[2] Pennsylvania.




Birth date

William Sturgeon

August 17, 1751

“Unknown” Sturgeon

July 13, 1752

Sarah Sturgeon

August 2, 1753

Peter Sturgeon

December 15, 1756

Samuel Sturgeon

February 18, 1758

Eliza Jane Sturgeon

August 23, 1760

Thomas Sturgeon

September 15, 1762

John Sturgeon

December 25, 1766

Jacob Sturgeon

April 17, 1768

Margaret Corbett Sturgeon

September 17, 1770

Simpson Sturgeon

July 18, 1772

Robert G. Sturgeon

January 29, 1774

Moses Sturgeon

March 11, 1778

Elizabeth Sturgeon

January 31, 1781



Thomas Sturgeon was shown on several assessment lists in the period from 1750 to 1779 in and around Paxtang.  He was taxed on 100 acres on the north end of Paxtang in 1750, on the west side of Paxtang in 1751, for 150 acres in Paxtang in 1756, in Paxtang in 1758 and in Upper Paxtang in 1779.[3]


Thomas and Margaret moved to Mifflin County, Pennsylvania in 1793, where Thomas bought a mill and a farm.  He had also owned a mill in Dauphin County and made milling his business.  At least three of his sons, Peter, John and Moses, accompanied him to this new location.


Thomas Sturgeon bought 200 acres of land in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania on June 28, 1793 from Hugh Sharron.  Sharron later married Thomas' daughter, Jane.[4]  Thomas was the first Sturgeon to purchase land in Lancaster County.[5]


Thomas died in about 1813.  Margaret died on September 28, 1818.  Both are buried at Mifflin County Presbyterian Church, Miffin County, Pennsylvania where their gravestone says,



Here lieth deposited the earthly parts of Thomas Sturgeon, who departed this life May 18 A.D. 1813, aged 81 years and 5 months" and also Margaret Sturgeon wife of said Thomas, who departed this life Sept 28, 1818 aged 83 years and 5 months.


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