The Reeves Family and the Ewing Family Genealogies




Thomas Sturgeon and

Margaret Corbett Footnotes


[1]   There is no one source for the information shown here.  And the sources I have found conflict 

       greatly, and none point to primary sources for their information.  For instance, the names and 

       birth dates for Thomas and Margaretís children come from undocumented sources that conflict.    

       I suspect some sources merely draw from others without documentation.  I have culled through 

       the various data available and have assembled the information here from what seem to be the 

       best sources.  I cannot assure you all of that it is accurate.

[2]   Paxtang Township was founded on August 17, 1729. Dauphin County was not founded until 

       1785, but all the sources giving a place of birth for the children mentioned Dauphin County, 

       which is where Paxtang is now, but it was actually in Lancaster County when the children were 


[3]   Early Assessment Lists.  "History of Dauphin County" Transcribed by Gwen Bixler Drivon, for Dauphin County, Pennsylvania Genealogy Transcription Project -  Date of transcription: Oct. 12 to 18, 2000 .


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