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Joseph Warder, Sr.



Thomas Sturgeon

(September 15, 1762 May 18, 1849)


Sarah (Sally) Hume

(January 1, 1767 January 21, 1849)




 Thomas Sturgeon, Sr. and Margaret Corbett

 John Hume and Jean Glenn


 Nancy Sturgeon 



Thomas Sturgeon was born on September 15, 1762, in Paxtang, Dauphin County in the English Colony of Pennsylvania.  Nearby Allentown was founded that year.  Thomas Jefferson, after whom his future home in Jefferson County, Kentucky would be named, was a mere 19 years old.  Thomas's future wife was born five years later on January 1, 1767.[1]  The location is not known.


Thomas and Sarah were married April 11, 1786 what is now Jefferson County, Kentucky.[3]  They had ten children, equally divided between boys and girls, as follows:[4]


Jane Sturgeon

September 30, 1787

Hart County, Kentucky

Margaret Sturgeon

December 31, 1789

Long Run Creek, Hart County, Kentucky

John Hume Sturgeon

October 8, 1791


Thomas Sturgeon

September 11, 1793


Elizabeth Sturgeon

July 24, 1795

Long Run Creek, Hart County, Kentucky

Hume Sturgeon

July 23, 1797

Long Run Creek, Hart County, Kentucky

Mary Sturgeon

October 11, 1799


Simpson Sturgeon

March 14, 1802


James Sturgeon

March 23, 1804

Jefferson County, Kentucky

Nancy Sturgeon

March 13, 1806

Jefferson County, Kentucky


He was an executor of the will of John Hume, his father-in-law, who died in 1802.  He also inherited 300 acres from that will, in Jefferson County, Kentucky, in 1802.[5]


Thomas died on May 18, 1849,[6] in Shelby County, Kentucky.  Sarah died on January 21, 1849,[2] Long Run Creek, Hart County, Kentucky.


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