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Edward Walton, Jr.

(1668 April 27, 1720)


Elizabeth Mason

(Unknown April 5, 1717)




 Edward Walton and Elizabeth Booth

 Lemuel Mason and Mary Thelaball


 Edward Walton 


Edward Walton was born in 1668[1] in New Kent County, Colony of Virginia.  He was the son of Edward Walton, Sr.[2]  He married Elizabeth Mason in about 1695 in Virginia.[3]


Edward died on April 27, 1720 in New Kent County.  Elizabeth had died there three years before, on April 5, 1717.


They had six children:




Date of Birth

Place of Birth

Mary Walton

December 4, 1698

New Kent County, Virginia

William Walton

December 25, 1700

St. Peters Parish,

New Kent County, Virginia

Thomas Walton

February 20, 1702

St. Peters Parish,

New Kent County, Virginia

Elizabeth Walton

February 4, 1706

St. Peters Parish,

New Kent County, Virginia

John Walton

September 9, 1709

St. Peters Parish,

New Kent County, Virginia[4]

Edward Walton

Abt. 1719

St. Peters Parish,

New Kent County, Virginia




St. Peters Parish Church


The records of St. Peters Parrish show that the first five of Edward and Elizabeth’s six children were baptized or christened there.  The dates shown above for their births are actually their baptismal dates.[5] 


Records showed that Edward and his father paid taxes at in 1704 in the Parish of St. 
Peters and St. Paul.[6]

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