The Reeves Family and the Ewing Family Genealogies




Edward Walton and Elizabeth Mason Footnotes

[1]   His date and place of death came from an on line genealogy.


[2]   Another source says they married in 1698.


[3]   Genealogists who have reported their work on our Edward’s line have given two names for his 

       father.  The first is John Walton, who is described as having been born in England and who died in 

       1720.  The second is another Edward Walton who is described as having been born in Virginia in 

       1645.  None of the genealogists whose sources I have found have attributed their understandings 

       about the father to original, or even secondary records.  In searching the St. Peter's Parrish    

       Register, however, one of the baptismal records referred to our Edward as Edward Jr., meaning 

       his father also had the same first name.

[4]   Some sources show that John and Edward were born in Hanover County, Virginia.  However, since

       Hanover County was not formed until 1721, that dies not check out.  It is likely that the family 

       lived in New Kent County until that portion was changed to Hanover County.

[5]   St. Peter's Parrish Register, page 42, 43, 44, 45, 72 and 73.  Found online at 

[6]   Alphabetical Rent Roll of Virginia 1704/05.  Found at


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